Adding a Footnote to the Bible Text
Posted by: Mondele
The English Unlocked Literal Bible has footnotes.

Footnotes are used to alert the reader about any textual variant information in that section of the Bible text.Footnotes are used to:
  • Explain when there are proper names, words or terms that differ between various Bible versions.
  • Explain when there are missing words or verses in the ULB. (There may be text in one Bible version that is not present in the ULB.)

How to add footnotes in translationStudio

  1. Click on the footnote icon (a black piece of paper with white lines.)
  2. Left-click-hold-and-swipe to select all of the text in the pop-up footnote window.
  3. Copy the text.
  4. Click on the DISMISS icon.
  5. Click on the pencil icon on the editing card to allow for editing.
  6. Click on the correct location for the note in the editing card.
  7. Paste the footnote text.
  8. At the beginning and the end of the footnote type in the footnote USFM codes. (See below.)
  9. Click the check mark at the top right of the editing card to save the changes.

Footnote coding

Note: Using the footnote USFM code is optional. The translator may mark the footnote in a way that is appropriate for the target language or the translation team.Every footnote must start with “\f + \ft” and end with “\f*”. (backslash-f-space-plus sign-space-backslash-ft before the text and backslash-f-asterisk  after the text) The text between the codes is what is displayed in the footnote.

  • So that a simple footnote coding of:
    • \f + \ft This is a footnote. \f*
    • backslash-f-space-+-space-backslash-f-t This is a footnote. backslash-f-asterisk
  • The text in the footnote window would read:
    • This is a footnote.
Sometimes the footnote will quote the text by putting the code “\fqa” for quote marks before and “\fqb” after the text.
  • So the footnote coding with a quote would be:
    • \f + \ft Some older copies add, \fqa For the earth and everything in it belong to the Lord. \fqb But the best copies do not have this. \f*
    • backslash-f-space-+space-backslash-f-t-space Some older copies add, backslash-fqa For the earth and everything in it belong to the Lord. backslashf-q-b But the best copies do not have this. backslash-f-asterisk
  • The text in the footnote window would read:
    • Some older copies add, “For the earth and everything in it belong to the Lord.” But the best copies do not have this.

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