Android Install
Posted by: Mark

The following apps are recommended to install and place on the front pane of an Android tablet for written and oral translation projects.  The tech only items should not appear on pane display.

BTT Recorder
BTT Writer
African Keyboard
Multiling O Keyboard
File Manager
AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio
Share It
Barcode Scanner
SuperBeam***no longer on Google Play***
Share File
TeamViewer QuickSupport
Text Editors
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Jota Text Editor
Markor: Markdown Editor
QuickEdit Text Editor - Writer, Code Editor
Autographa Go
For Technicians (only)
tRConverter Android
Keuwlsoft's Wifi Analyser
Nova Launcher
OS Monitor
SQLite Editor
Simple World Clock
Clear Scan

App Backup & Restore - Easiest backup tool

Kenya Travel Visa

You can get a visa at the Nairobi airport for $50 US cash. Easy, few questions asked, but expect long lines. The East Africa tourist visa is good for three countries (Kenya + UG and RW) but costs a lot more. Either one becomes invalid once you leave the...

Error Creating Backup

Sometimes a project will become corrupted, resulting in the following error message: This solution may be particularly helpful if this error is seen when starting translationStudio. Sometimes, this error is caused by a problem with the git project that stores change...


e-Visa was not fast. provided no support, and we got our visas through the intervention of our local contact. Visa payment is made in cash at entry to the country. Officially, the visa is paid in Euros or FCFA — I was quoted $110 to pay in US currency. Two...

Problem Printing Images in Open Bible Stories

Some people will have a problem printing Open Bible Stories because the pictures don't appear. While we are working on a better solution, here is a workaround. Download the zip archive file...

Suggest an Edit on DCS

Overview You may suggest an edit to someone else's work on the Door43 Content Service using the following procedure.  Keep in mind that most users will gladly receive suggestions using this process. The process described below is called the "fork and pull request"...

Installing translationStudio on Windows

Windows Installation: Please note that Wycliffe Associates does not currently endorse any version of translationStudio greater than 11.1. Go to: Latest Releases of translationDesktop Installation Files  Click on the appropriate file for your computer.  Allow the file...

What’s New for Android Version 11?

Changes for Android Version 11 Version 11 for Android has been released. Here are the highlights of the changes. Changes in the Menus Importing Importing from tS Desktop programs -  tStudio-Android can import and use tS-Desktop v11 and v11.1 projects. Added info...

Vetted Service Providers

Resource from ExpatDigital Resources - Vetted-Service-Providers

Installing SyncThing on a Windows 10 computer

Follow these simple instructions on installing SyncThing on a Windows 10 machine for MAST data collection. Notes: Install SyncTrazor

MAST technician job description and what to expect.

A MAST technician will encounter a wide range of issues on a MAST. The nature of the issues will be both technical and social. Having impeccable technical skills will only get you part of the way there. You should also be aware that you will need the so-called “soft...