Android Install
Posted by: Mark

The following apps are recommended to install and place on the front pane of an Android tablet for written and oral translation projects.  The tech only items should not appear on pane display.

BTT Recorder
BTT Writer
African Keyboard
Multiling O Keyboard
File Manager
AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio
Share It
Barcode Scanner
SuperBeam***no longer on Google Play***
Share File
TeamViewer QuickSupport
Text Editors
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Jota Text Editor
Markor: Markdown Editor
QuickEdit Text Editor - Writer, Code Editor
Autographa Go
For Technicians (only)
tRConverter Android
Keuwlsoft's Wifi Analyser
Nova Launcher
OS Monitor
SQLite Editor
Simple World Clock
Clear Scan

App Backup & Restore - Easiest backup tool

How to Get Help

John explains the different tools used for technical support for Bible Translation.  Email is probably the best type of support.  Just send a helpdesk ticket to [email protected]   Some...

Visa requirements per country on passthrough based on experience.

-Visa requirements for countries when just in transit: - Taiwan.   A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the airport - Korea.    A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the airport - Japan. A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the...

Error Creating Backup

Sometimes a project will become corrupted, resulting in the following error message: This solution may be particularly helpful if this error is seen when starting translationStudio. Sometimes, this error is caused by a problem with the git project that stores change...

Vetted Service Providers

Resource from ExpatDigital Resources - Vetted-Service-Providers

How to Create a New Release

This document is intended to provide a Content Release Structure checklist.  The goal is that each release is clearly identified in a consistent manner.  The versioning scheme used across the Door43 ecosystem is defined at


It is possible to side load the resource containers.  Reasons to side load the resources: The Internet is either slow, intermittent or unavailable so sideloading will be faster and without fails. Steps to side load the resources on a computer: First – download the...

MAST boot

One of our new tools is technically software, but it's not a single software package, and it needs to be installed on hardware that is not part of the normal kit. We now have a bootable USB thumb drive image for use at MAST events. This drive boots to Linux...

A Vignette to WACS

A vignette on How to migrate a repo on to wacs. Compare mirror and non-mirror options.

More Visa requirement tips

In Congo, Brazzaville, I was expected to have a transit visa, but did not. They allowed me to buy one there — $40, if I'm not mistaken. However, they then connected me with one of their "baggage handlers" who shook me down for more money. My advice is to get the visa...