Booklet example from Pacific
Posted by: Chuck

The pacific team put together this booklet to help with one of their training events.    I post it here for safekeeping and for others to view.     The pluses of having training material printed and bound are numerous from what I observed:

1.) participants just like receiving something free.   It has a commemorative value.

2.) You can take notes in the margins

3.) You can review where the training has been or where it is going.

4.) The visual reinforces the lecture.

5.) It keeps the training on track (I’m pointing back at myself here…)

If we developed a series of modules then it would be easy to say, “ok, I have 3 days with tech’s who have each had 10 events on android and here are the issues they are facing.” and then pull the appropriate modules together and create the booklet.  It would even be better if we had training videos so the trainer can sharpen their skills before they go.

Link to booklet:

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