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Indonesian Adapter

Kenya – Plastic Bag Ban

I just found out (as I'm to transit Kenya tomorrow) that Kenya has a plastic bag ban, penalizing the offender with jail time and huge fines. I can't find out if this applies to people transiting the airport, or only to people who clear immigration.

Installing translationStudio on Windows

Windows Installation: Please note that Wycliffe Associates does not currently endorse any version of translationStudio greater than 11.1. Go to: Latest Releases of translationDesktop Installation Files  Click on the appropriate file for your computer.  Allow the file...

Tech Adv Bootcamp


How to Prepare OBS Projects for Publishing

  This article is one in a series of articles describing how to get a GL project ready to publish so that others can benefit from it. This article deals with Open Bible Stories (OBS) projects created in translationStudio. A complete OBS project uploaded from tS...

Android Install

The following apps are recommended to install and place on the front pane of an Android tablet for written and oral translation projects.  The tech only items should not appear on pane display.

Merging Projects

Import Options Menu Starting from the Home page or 'Your Translation Projects' list window: Click on the 3-dot icon at the bottom left of the window. Choose Import Options from the menu. Choose import to import a project file. Wait for the import to happen. If there...

Update Options

There are four options to choose from when updating. NOTE: Updating requires an Internet connection. Update List of Available Source Texts Click on this option to upload a list of the available source texts. NOTE: this update will only update the list of available...


e-Visa was not fast. iVisa.com provided no support, and we got our visas through the intervention of our local contact. Visa payment is made in cash at entry to the country. Officially, the visa is paid in Euros or FCFA — I was quoted $110 to pay in US currency. Two...

Installing SyncThing on a Windows 10 computer

Follow these simple instructions on installing SyncThing on a Windows 10 machine for MAST data collection. Notes: Install SyncTrazor