Posted by: Chris Jarka

It is possible to side load the resource containers. 

Reasons to side load the resources:

  • The Internet is either slow, intermittent or unavailable so sideloading will be faster and without fails.

Steps to side load the resources on a computer:

First – download the updates in translationStudio

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu
  2. Choose Update
  3. Choose Update List of Available Source Texts
    • NOTE: This process ONLY updates the list of the available source texts.
  4. Wait for update to complete. This may take a long time to complete – depending on bandwidth.
    • NOTE: you may receive notice that it was not complete. Sometimes this notice is not accurate.
  5. Close the window.
  6. The ‘Choose a source’ window opens
  7. Click either language or book
    1. Enter the name of the language (English)
    2. Choose Category (OT, NT, Other)
    3. Select all books or individual books for the English ULB
    4. Click on the Download button to update the sources.

Second – copy the most current resource containers available.

  1. Go to the computer that has the most recent copies of the resource containers.
    • HINT: Tech Support Person should download the latest resource containers onto their computer before going to a MAST Event.
  2. On a PC go to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\translationstudio\library\resource_containers
  3. Select the files that are the most recent (or the files for the desired Gateway Language) and copy them to a USB drive.

Third – paste the resources into the translators’ computer (this assumes that translationStudio is installed on the computer)

  1. Make sure that translationStudio program is closed.
  2. On the PC go to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\translationstudio\library\resource_containers
  3. Select the files that were copied onto the USB drive.
  4. Copy-paste the files from the USB drive to the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\translationstudio\library\resource_containers folder.

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