Images for Open Bible Stories
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The link in translationStudio to download images for Open Bible Stories is broken. As a result, you will not be able to print OBS from translationStudio until you manually update the pictures. The pictures can be downloaded from, and when unzipped they should be placed in translationstudio/images/obs in your account’s hidden translationstudio folder.

Low color images are available that may improve the appeal of some of the images, and will definitely save on ink. Inquire with Tech Advance if you would like to download these low color images.

Translate Content Online

Overview If you want to translate a project online, you may do so by using the Door43 Content Service.  Note that you will need to have a basic knowledge of Markdown or USFM formatting, depending on the project. Step by Step The following procedure assumes that you...


Here is an example of a normal DOT Kit

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WACS – the Wycliffe Associates Content Service

You may have already heard about WACS, and that we want all of our translated texts to be uploaded to WACS. This article is intended to tell you how to access WACS, and what you can do there. WACS, the Wycliffe Associates Content Service, is a storehouse for written...

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VMAST Hardware Recommendations (V-MAST Series 2)

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