Images for Open Bible Stories
Posted by: Mondele

The link in translationStudio to download images for Open Bible Stories is broken. As a result, you will not be able to print OBS from translationStudio until you manually update the pictures. The pictures can be downloaded from, and when unzipped they should be placed in translationstudio/images/obs in your account’s hidden translationstudio folder.

Low color images are available that may improve the appeal of some of the images, and will definitely save on ink. Inquire with Tech Advance if you would like to download these low color images.

How to Build and Run a V-MAST Server (V-MAST Series 3)

Helpful Links: 7zip Balena Etcher  

How to migrate or clone a repo on door43 to WACS

How to migrate or clone a repo on Door43 to WACS. Compare mirror and non-mirror options.

Manual Solving Pull-Request Conflicts

There are instances where a DCS github user submits a Pull-Request from their Fork of the repository which cannot be Merged automatically. The steps below will identify one approach for a repository administrator to solve this problem. This approach requires that that...

MAST technician job description and what to expect.

A MAST technician will encounter a wide range of issues on a MAST. The nature of the issues will be both technical and social. Having impeccable technical skills will only get you part of the way there. You should also be aware that you will need the so-called “soft...

Rwanda / East Africa

If entering East Africa through Rwanda, you can apply for East Africa visa online at Their 100% online application process is less intimidating than other alternatives and costs $169 for entry to three countries (RW, UG + Kenya). However, it took 22...

What’s New for Android Version 11?

Changes for Android Version 11 Version 11 for Android has been released. Here are the highlights of the changes. Changes in the Menus Importing Importing from tS Desktop programs -  tStudio-Android can import and use tS-Desktop v11 and v11.1 projects. Added info...

Why Does translationStudio stop me at Story 17?

In this situation, the translator was unable to load any Story beyond Story 17 in Open Bible Stories. The Solution was to update the source text for Open Bible Stories in translationStudio.

Tech Adv Bootcamp

MAST Event – First 2 Days Guidelines

MAST Event Day One Chapel/ Devotion (30 Minutes) Start time 0800 AM Worship (15 Minutes) Intros/Welcome – Introduce Facilitators (15 Minutes) Set tone/vision/objectives for event Objective: to help you understand how we will be creating a meaning-based translation...

Booklet example from Pacific

The pacific team put together this booklet to help with one of their training events.    I post it here for safekeeping and for others to view.     The pluses of having training material printed and bound are numerous from what I observed: 1.) participants just like...