Kenya – Plastic Bag Ban
Posted by: Mondele

I just found out (as I’m to transit Kenya tomorrow) that Kenya has a plastic bag ban, penalizing the offender with jail time and huge fines. I can’t find out if this applies to people transiting the airport, or only to people who clear immigration.

How to Build and Run a V-MAST Server (V-MAST Series 3)

Helpful Links: 7zip Balena Etcher  

Update Options

There are four options to choose from when updating. NOTE: Updating requires an Internet connection. Update List of Available Source Texts Click on this option to upload a list of the available source texts. NOTE: this update will only update the list of available...

VMAST Hardware Recommendations (V-MAST Series 2)

How to create a standalone V-MAST server Links

MAST Event – First 2 Days Guidelines

MAST Event Day One Chapel/ Devotion (30 Minutes) Start time 0800 AM Worship (15 Minutes) Intros/Welcome – Introduce Facilitators (15 Minutes) Set tone/vision/objectives for event Objective: to help you understand how we will be creating a meaning-based translation...

Manual Solving Pull-Request Conflicts

There are instances where a DCS github user submits a Pull-Request from their Fork of the repository which cannot be Merged automatically. The steps below will identify one approach for a repository administrator to solve this problem. This approach requires that that...

Converting Bible translation from MS Word/LibreOffice

The files referred to in this article can be downloaded here: Tarangan_James_Philemon While we normally encourage translation work to be done in one of our tools (Autographa, translationStudio, vMAST) sometimes it is already in process or is just better for the local...

Vetted Service Providers

Resource from ExpatDigital Resources - Vetted-Service-Providers

How to Create a New Release

This document is intended to provide a Content Release Structure checklist.  The goal is that each release is clearly identified in a consistent manner.  The versioning scheme used across the Door43 ecosystem is defined at

Problem Printing Images in Open Bible Stories

Some people will have a problem printing Open Bible Stories because the pictures don't appear. While we are working on a better solution, here is a workaround. Download the zip archive file...