MAST technician job description and what to expect.
Posted by: Chuck

A MAST technician will encounter a wide range of issues on a MAST. The nature of the issues will be both technical and social. Having impeccable technical skills will only get you part of the way there. You should also be aware that you will need the so-called “soft skills”

Technical skills a MAST tech should possess:

-high degree of comfort and proficiency at Windows 7 + file management. This includes, cut, paste, rename, delete via Windows Explorer.

-Windows Explorer configuration. Show hidden directories, knowledge of what the most common file extensions are (.txt, exe, cmd, zip, csv, etc…) and what they mean.

-Slack account

  • knowledge of where to download the latest version of translationStudio for both desktop and android.

-understand GL mode on desktop version of translationStudio.

-understanding on how the merge process works, how to manage merging multiple .tstudio files together.

-Understand merge conflict, and how to manage, when to involve the Facilitator.

-ability to report issues and accurately write a error report via error report via:

[email protected]

#helpdesk channel on Slack
Open a trouble ticket via

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