VMAST Keywords Fix
Posted by: Chuck

What to do when you can’t move beyond reconciling keywords.  How to delete hidden keywords in a v-mast server

Manual Solving Pull-Request Conflicts

There are instances where a DCS github user submits a Pull-Request from their Fork of the repository which cannot be Merged automatically. The steps below will identify one approach for a repository administrator to solve this problem. This approach requires that that...

USFM documentation

I have uploaded here a PDF copy of the USFM User Reference Guide. usfmReference2_4 Version 2.4 of the standard is widely used, and practically every Bible translation tool and online resource supports it. Some software tools (e.g. translationCore, Paratext) make use...

VMAST – Configure Superuser Script Usage

When a user needs to be configured as super user for a project, it can be done using a graphical tool like phpmyadmin. However, this tool can also be complicated to use, so we have provided a simple shell script that can provide this function. As noted in the...

Tech Adv Bootcamp


Kenya – Plastic Bag Ban

I just found out (as I'm to transit Kenya tomorrow) that Kenya has a plastic bag ban, penalizing the offender with jail time and huge fines. I can't find out if this applies to people transiting the airport, or only to people who clear immigration.

WACS – the Wycliffe Associates Content Service

You may have already heard about WACS, and that we want all of our translated texts to be uploaded to WACS. This article is intended to tell you how to access WACS, and what you can do there. WACS, the Wycliffe Associates Content Service, is a storehouse for written...

Vetted Service Providers

Resource from ExpatDigital Resources - Vetted-Service-Providers

Why Does translationStudio stop me at Story 17?

In this situation, the translator was unable to load any Story beyond Story 17 in Open Bible Stories. The Solution was to update the source text for Open Bible Stories in translationStudio.

Austrialia travel

If passing through Australia, (even for a short time) don't forget to get your Australian visa. Chuck US citizens, and many others, can get an electronic visa from  https://www.eta.immi.gov.au/ETAS3/etas. It costs $20AUS and takes only a few seconds (if you have all...