What To Pack?
Posted by: Mark

Tools to bring – A multi-purpose tool such as a Leatherman Skeletool or the REV Multi-Tool.

  • Chris Jarka


~$60US. It has a bit driver, but you’ll probably need your own selection of bits.

  • John Wood


A personal water filter is an important addition to consider adding to your travel kit.

Two favorites are:

The Steripen


Pro – uses AA batteries, can quickly sterilize water in any size container that you can fit the bulb into.  Could be used as  light for 30 seconds at at time. heh.  Con – uses AA batteries, the sterilization bulb looks fragile.

Mountop Portable Water Purifier


Pro:  Rechargeable with MicroUSB cable, SOS and emergency flashlight mode.

battery pack.   Suggest 20,000 man or more


  • Chuck Liesch

MAST Tech Workflow

  MAST Tech Workflow Export or Back Up the Project (Step 1) When you are called to collect or "harvest" a chapter from a translator, you can do it from within the translationStudio program. Without stopping them or quitting the program or closing the project,...

Manual and Hard Reset of a Translation Project

This is a work-around for the error message of "Cannot upload due to unexpected history" It is what I call "Manual and hard reset." I got to using it when another method failed me in a particular situation some time back. 1. Delete the repo of the 'troublesome' book...

Electrical Plugs

Indonesian Adapter


e-Visa was not fast. iVisa.com provided no support, and we got our visas through the intervention of our local contact. Visa payment is made in cash at entry to the country. Officially, the visa is paid in Euros or FCFA — I was quoted $110 to pay in US currency. Two...

MAST boot

One of our new tools is technically software, but it's not a single software package, and it needs to be installed on hardware that is not part of the normal kit. We now have a bootable USB thumb drive image for use at MAST events. This drive boots to Linux...

How to format Translation Notes for publishing (V-MAST)

In V-MAST, translators are given free rein to reformat the content. However, they should not reformat content destined to be published as source text. This article specifies the expected content format. Note that BTT Writer does its own formatting when translating tN,...

Android Install

The following apps are recommended to install and place on the front pane of an Android tablet for written and oral translation projects.  The tech only items should not appear on pane display.

Adding a Footnote to the Bible Text

The English Unlocked Literal Bible has footnotes. Footnotes are used to alert the reader about any textual variant information in that section of the Bible text.Footnotes are used to: Explain when there are proper names, words or terms that differ between various...

Ad Hoc Network

At some events it may be useful to create an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. An ad-hoc network is an isolated network, and it is usually created by a computer or similar device, rather than by a Wi-Fi router. You can think of it as a Hotspot without an Internet connection. At a...