Why Does translationStudio stop me at Story 17?
Posted by: Mondele

In this situation, the translator was unable to load any Story beyond Story 17 in Open Bible Stories.

The Solution was to update the source text for Open Bible Stories in translationStudio.

Visa requirements per country on passthrough based on experience.

-Visa requirements for countries when just in transit: - Taiwan.   A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the airport - Korea.    A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the airport - Japan. A Valid US passport will allow you to pass through the...

Where Can I Find the PDF Version of the ULB for this Language?

ULB (Unlocked Literal Bible) resources are available at https://unfoldingword.org/en/?resource=bible-translations-ulb

Tanzania Travel

Check with the CDC (link) for immunizations, etc. They are very serious about Yellow Fever, so if you think they might worry about you, get your shot at home. I don't recommend getting the inoculation at the airport in Dar. Visa is easy to get at the airport in Dar es...

Electrical Plugs

Indonesian Adapter

WACS – the Wycliffe Associates Content Service

You may have already heard about WACS, and that we want all of our translated texts to be uploaded to WACS. This article is intended to tell you how to access WACS, and what you can do there. WACS, the Wycliffe Associates Content Service, is a storehouse for written...

Adding a Footnote to the Bible Text

The English Unlocked Literal Bible has footnotes. Footnotes are used to alert the reader about any textual variant information in that section of the Bible text.Footnotes are used to: Explain when there are proper names, words or terms that differ between various...

Android Install

The following apps are recommended to install and place on the front pane of an Android tablet for written and oral translation projects.  The tech only items should not appear on pane display.

How to migrate or clone a repo on door43 to WACS

How to migrate or clone a repo on Door43 to WACS. Compare mirror and non-mirror options.

Import Options

There are four options to choose from when importing to translationStudio. Import from Door43 If you are logged into translationStudio with a Door43 account; choosing this option will open a screen with a list of all your Door43 online projects. To search for another...


Here is an example of a normal DOT Kit https://www.techadvancement.com/dot-kit/